Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's Just About Time For Another Cake Mission!

A what? What in the world is a cake mission? Who in the world would go on a cake mission?

I have heard of cake walks, but cake missions?

Well, several years ago when I was actively working in the prison outside of Tegucigalpa, I found a group of young men, who were very artistically talented and who needed a way to spend their time.

So I invited a team of ladies to come to Honduras and teach cake decorating. The results are still coming into fruition.

Tomorrow I will show you a photo of the wedding cake, 18 tiers which the guys made as their final exam for the 2nd round of Cake Classes. It is incredible. Over 800 gum paste flowers were part of the design.

To the right are photos of some of the young men in the cake classes, with their final exam cake.

You can read about Joanne Balkey's trip at:

and you can read about Tracy Wirta of San Francisco's trip:

Tracy pulled together both the first and the second trips. She is a trooper.

Mary Beth Enderson of Virginia was another of the Cake Missionaries. I caannot find any cake things on the internet about her.

Lisa Summerlin of San Francisco's web page. She was a delight to have on the trip! She is a perfectionist and everything she did was beautiful.

Deloris "Dede" Reed of Illinois was yet another volunteer. She does translation work for Wilton and is a Spanish teacher.

The Final Cake Exam, before the diplomas, from the first course was stunning. There were several excellent examples using the different techniques which the ladies taught them.

Jose's Birthday is today, so I guess I have cake on my mind.

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