Friday, October 3, 2008

I Am Frustrated!

Even though I am open for adventure, I am not open when it comes to my teaching. Before I speak to a crowd and especially to a group of preachers, I like to have it hammered out and down to the letter.

Today I awoke at 5:30 am and started studying BUT to no avail. As soon as it was a reasonable time, the telephone started ringing off of the wall with different people needing this and that and something else.

I studied between telephone calls, but nothing came together. I worked on several different Power Point Presentations, but stopped each as they just didn't seem to flow. I stopped and prayed but still a brick wall. I stopped and ate but still a brick wall. It was one of those days when nothing seemed to come together. But I continued to study. At 5:30 pm I finally gave up. Hours in front of the computer studying and still nothing. I quickly printed off several teachings, about 100 pages and ran out of black ink. So then I had to change the color and reprint.

It was late and I still had to drive to San Lorenzo, through the mountains and the fog.

I arrived safely along with Erlinda, the designated cook for the weekend. The car was crammed full of pots and pans and food for the pastors. During the frustration, I managed to at least get 2 cakes baked for snack for the pastors. When we arrived in San Lorenzo, Jose was no where to be found, but we finally tracked him down at the local Chinese restaurant eating with the people who had been working with him on his campaign. They had borrowed a friend's pickup, which blew out a tire and they had to walk 4 kilometers to the nearest intersection with the main highway. They had a vitamin brigade and a haircutting brigade. 3 hair stylists went with them and they cut hair for 40 women and 30 men. They were all at the Chinese restaurant with water and mud up to their knees. I have prohibited Jose from eating at the Chinese restaurant, because every time he does, I have to buy medicine to kill the amebas. Maybe this time he will not get sick.

In Honduras when you are in a political campaign you meet the people's needs. That includes, haircuts. Unfortunately I do not have a photo as of yet. Jose's telephone ruined from the water.

I will study tonight and see if I get a flash of what I am to teach on Saturday to the pastors.

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