Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pastors Seminar in Valle Attracts 26 Pastors

Today was the first day of the 3rd Pastors Seminar in San Lorenzo, Valle, Honduras. 26 local area pastors showed up and Mike Rudd and Harold Priday taught. Pastors came from Goascoran, San Lorenzo, Nacaome and 4 pastors even arrived from the island of Amapala off the southern coast of Honduras.

Mike Rudd spoke on Wisdom and his teaching was well received by all of the pastors. He also brought with him a treasure trove of Children's Church Teachings. Each pastor of each church received a book with 52 teachings in it. I was really impressed as were the pastors. He also brought with him enough Bibles to give each of the pastors 6 new Bibles to share with the people in their congregations which need Bibles but cannot afford them.
Mike also brought with him his friend Harold Priday, a long term missionary in Honduras. Harold, spoke in the afternoon along with Pastor Gustavo of Siguatepeque, Honduras. We had a question and answer session which was very productive especially considering the wisdom of the the years Harold has been on the mission field and in the ministry.
Mike Rudd and his wife and girls have a ministry to the deaf in Siguatepeque also. So the three of them had to leave this afternoon and that left me to teach alone tomorrow.
The Lord has allowed me to have 3 seminars for pastors in the last 5 months. We invite the pastors, feed them a morning snack, lunch and afternoon break. Several stay over in the apartment which the Lord gave me free of charge in San Lorenzo. I have 5 army cots, 4 long tables, 12 plastic chairs and a refrigerator in the apartment and that is it, but it is a nice place for the pastors to stay when they live to far away to return home after the seminar. For those who stay, we also serve them breakfast and dinner.

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