Tuesday, September 2, 2008

When It Rains It Pours - BBQ and Plantain Bananas

Just returned from San Lorenzo, Valle, Honduras. It was a wonderful weekend. The blessings poured in. The Pastor's Seminar was a great success with over 25 pastors attending the 2 day seminar. I had a wonderful much needed half day break at the beach. I returned to Tegucigalpa to my apartment and found my poodle Esther very happy to see me and to find all of my clothes washed and ironed, the house spotless and friends waiting to see me.

Michael Rudd a missionary who lives in Siguatepeque, Honduras near the middle of the country spoke on Friday and Saturday at the Pastor's Seminar. Mike, his wife and some of his children are missionaries in Honduras and work with the deaf.

Mike spoke on "Prayer", how to pray, prayer lists and finding scriptures that support what you are asking for in prayer.

He brought with him a few hundred Bibles, which he gave to the pastors in attendance to share with people in their church who do not have money to buy a Bible.

The pastors were all thrilled with the 12 Bibles they each received. Pastors attended from all parts of the Department of Valle.

John Carrette from Valle de Angeles, Honduras spoke on Saturday. Below is a photo of John and his wife Tarah Jurka Carrette and their 17 children. John spoke about faith, hearing from God, taking steps of faith, actually, he spoke about many different topics all bundled together in an easy to understand message.

Erlinda cooked for all the pastors and we fed them all, to the point of too full. When it came time for dessert, many wrapped dessert in a napkin to take home, because they were too full to eat it.

Sunday morning I preached at the local church Shaddi where I attend on the weekends when I am in the south. Then Sunday afternoon, the pastor Joel Garcia, his wife Margarita, their two kids, Jose Cobra, our friend Gustavo and I all went to the beach in the Gulf of Fonseca.

Friends invited us to visit their beach house and spend the afternoon. It was a wonderful afternoon and we BBQ-ed beef filet with BBQ-ed Plantain bananas. This was a treat which I had never experienced, but they were great! Pastor Joel poked fork holes in the skins and then BBQ-ed them until the skin was black. When we took them off of the grill, we skinned them, added sour cream on top and they were scrumptious!

I promise this is worth a try.

After the BBQ, we all walked 1/2 block to the beach and while most of the guys swam, Margarita and I walked in the sand and enjoyed looking at the sea shells. We had a beautiful view of Amapala, one of the best known Honduran islands as well as Padre Island. Padre Island is uninhabited, but way back when a "padre" (priest lived there), thus the name Padre Island. Now there is a cemetery and nothing else.

The pastor found a piece of driftwood, nestled into a large crevice and laid back and rested as though he was in a lounge chair. Then it rained, then it poured. All of us that could, got into the pickup, but that left Jose Cobra and Gustavo in the bed of the truck. It is a good thing they were already wet. A strong wind kicked up and it rained cats and dogs for over 30 minutes. We drove in the driving rain, windshield wipers at full speed. Thank goodness, it was almost dark when the rain arrived.

When we arrived back at the pastor's home, we were all sitting around talking and eating again, after the beach everyone was hungry and we heard several gun shots. It seems that the pastor's pharmacy was in the process of being broken into. The pastor is also a doctor, as is his wife and their house is on one end of the block and the pharmacy is on the other end of the block. The police just happened by as two thieves tried to break into the pharmacy. The police told them to stop, they didn't they ran instead, the police fired shots at them and they returned the fire with shots of their own. We heard the shots but thought it was firecrackers.

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