Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What a Week Continued!

I have continued working in the HEAT in southern Honduras this week. I am looking in every nook and cranny for patients for the hernia brigade and the thyroid, nose, ENT brigade this week. In fact, I leave in a few minutes to pick up the GRINGOS at the airport. It looks like we will do around 40 hernia surgeries this week plus what the ENT doc can get done.

Jose's campaign is in full swing with HUGE posters everywhere. It is really interesting to see how people have flocked to him, saying they want an honest candidate for a change.

This week someone donated 700, yes that is seven hundred, t-shirts to his campaign. 100s of 1,000s of vitamins have also been donated and the campaign is going great! Last weekend the presidential candidate spent a couple of days with us in the south and was able to witness first hand the types of vitamin brigades we are having. He was impressed.
One of Jose's slogans is "Chepe tiene pueblo!" Meaning "the people like Chepe."
Below the circle design is the t-shirt logo!
Jose's running mate is a Doctor, who is the wife of a pastor. He had prayed and prayed for an honest person to be a candidate with him on his ticket. Three days before the final paperwork was due, she was introduced to him.

Interestingly she had prayed that if the Lord wanted her to be a candidate, that He would have to bring someone to her door asking her to run with them, that the person must be a Christian, that the person must be interested in working for the people and not for themselves.
Another interesting thing is that everywhere we go people want to sell their land. I am finding parcels of land all over for as low as $1,000.00 per acre. I had no idea that land could be so cheap, here in Honduras.

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  1. Hi Teresa, Cornelio Corrales from Choluteca , I used to translate for you guys at the hospital. Im glad to hear that you and your team are still helping our people. Im currently studying my second year of medicine at the catholic university here in Tegucigalpa; I'll be glad to help you guys whenever you are in Choluteca.
    Im surprised to hear that Jose is running for Congress, im sure that with his social abilities, carisma and humility he will do just fine.
    My regards for you, Jose and your family.