Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Cow Raffle, Piñatas, A Voice From The Past, A Sick Transmission And....

Today I received an email from an "old" friend from Arkansas. I had sent some copies of some old photos from 1971 to another dear "old" friend Rev. David Bentley and he forwarded the photos to Marquis Jones.

"Joey" Reid from Meridian, Mississippi had been on several Lay Witness Missions Trips with all of us from Markham Methodist Church in Little Rock, Arkansas. His dad, Papa Joe, was an avid "picture taker".

In this photo on the back left is Rev. David Bentley who at the time was the Inspector of the Little Rock Police Department. Roberta and Elmer Sims are on the front row squatting with Geneva Bentley and Gayla Bentley is on the row behind them with her mouth open and laughing. Ike Mohr is next to Gayla, half squatting and David Bruce Bentley is 3rd from the left on the back row and next to him, but a little behind him is Joey Reid (with the long hair). Perhaps someone else knows the other people in the photo.

Ellen Crowder at Aldersgate Camp, below the cross. What ever happened to Ellen Crowder?

An "old enemy" also came to visit today. That enemies name is transmission problems. The Ford is down again. Tim continues to work on her, this time trying to see what is wrong with the transmission. I am praying that it is not anything expensive. As I was driving this week, all the dashboard lights would come for no reason at all. I think part of the problem might be electrical, but I am not a mechanic and mechanics seem to be adverse to checking out electrical stuff.

I spent the day working hard on medical teams, accounting (ugh) and .... Where did the day go? I was so busy all day that I never ate lunch and when I returned home from the "drop the Ford off at the mechanic errand", I crawled into bed and watched CNN, too tired to move. I sat for about 30 minutes, ate a single chicken wing, a biscuit and a dab of mashed potatoes left over from last night's late run to Churches Chicken and then I started working again. It seems like everything I do is multi-tasking.

I am preparing for a medical team from the USA that will be here September 24-28. I am calling and rounding up patients in every nook and cranny imaginable. Here, you can't send a letter or an e-mail or make a telephone call to get a message to a patient. Instead, you call a telephone number of Gracie and Gracie may or may not have her telephone charged up and turned on and she may or may not answer when you call. But finally when you get her, if you get her, she is the neighbor down the road from the sister of the person you are trying to find. So you leave a message with Gracie to give to the sister to give to the patient and then you wait and wait and wait and finally the day before the surgery (if you are lucky) or the day after the doctors were here (if you aren't) the sister of the sister will call and maybe the patient who you have had on a list for 6 or 8 months for a surgery will make it to the hospital for their surgery!

This medical team will be performing surgeries on hernias, gall stones, thyroid tumors etc. Then next month a team from Mayo Clinic will arrive to perform cleft lip and palate surgeries.

Today: Answered e-mails, paid bills, arranged for everything to be delivered to make piñatas for Children's Day, talked to my parents (how many times?), made sure the Ford got dropped off at the mechanic, worked on finding patients for the medical team, fixed the computer printer, fixed dad's email account, designed 4 poster signs, designed bumper stickers, designed wall posters, dropped off info to the medical college for reciprocal licensing, fixed my reading glasses (the screw dropped out), sorted medicines for the vitamin brigades coming up Saturday and Sunday, arranged for raffle tickets for a fund raiser (a cow is being raffled), counseled a friend who is sad, set up a week of cataract surgeries and I can't even remember what else...

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