Saturday, June 18, 2011

Flabbergasting! Is The Only Way To Describe My Surprise At My Early Birthday Gift!

Thursday the SMART Medical Team arrived and with it arrived my friends Dr. John Burgoyne,  and his daughters Genvieve and Gabby.  In true Burgoyne form there was not a minute wasted, except that ...  

When they arrived Thursday, they told me they "had a special gift for me"...  but they didn't give it to me until Friday night... So I suffered, wondering what it was... and wondering and wondering... but being polite, I couldn't remind them... at least my mom would have said, I couldn't...

In some ways I think I must have inherited my grandpa Rev. Claude Rufus Andrews' curiosity.  I remember once we gave him a cassette player for Christmas and before Christmas lunch was over, he already had it taken apart and had it in a million pieces to see "how it worked".

Although my curiosity is NOT to tear things apart to see how they work, much like Grandpa Andrews, I sure do like to investigate... and the waiting was driving me CRAZY! What could they have brought to me?  


Real Vermont Maple Syrup?

Or maybe it was Natural Almond Flavoring... 

All of these or any of these are ALWAYS good gifts for this missionary who still loves some things from home...  

I knew it couldn't be CHIPS BBQ Sauce, since the Burgoynes are from Seattle and not from Little Rock... by the way this is the best BBQ Sauce in the world!  And I lived 30 years in Kansas City and nothing they have compares to Chip's BBQ Sauce...

Finally Friday night they gave me my surprise.... A Birthday gift a week early... They gave me... are you ready for this...
A MP3 Bundle
A Speaker System for my new NANO!

So now, Grandma Teresa is going to have to become a "techno" queen...  I am so excited... so far, it is plugged in and I Tunes is downloaded to my computer and I have downloaded some songs and very soon, I will start listening!

Maybe getting older and having another birthday is not so bad after all...


  1. Well, you are only 29, right? ;-)

  2. so Teresa, I need a wheelchair for someone in Yoro, how do i go about finding one?