Friday, April 16, 2010

April 16, 2010 Wheelchair Giveaway In Goascoran, Valle

On the way to Goascoran with the boxes of wheelchairs loaded on top of the Land Rover.
Jose Benavides and another volunteer put together wheelchairs.
This young man was determined that he was NOT going to be left out. Before the wheelchairs were ready to be given away, he was already seated and refused to move.
Volunteers help put the wheelchairs together.
This young man is NOT a "happy camper" when his mother takes him out of her arms and places him in the wheelchair.
I took him for a quick spin around the parking lot and he changed his mind. He liked this wheelchair after all.

This young boy is thrilled with his new wheelchair.... But his mom is even more thrilled, she carried him everywhere in her arms.

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