Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June 16 2009 Cubulero Alianza Eye Brigade

It was a wonderful but very HOT day in Cubulero, a small village known mostly for curiles. Curiles are these ugly little clam things that they eat raw with only vinegar poured over them. Now I could understand the excitement if it was a town known for Chocolate Truffles or Cherry Cheesecake, but these ugly things I can’t get past the smell or the view to even give them a try. UGH!!!

Victor Montoya performs all the eye exams.

I love taking photos of old folks with all their character and wrinkles. Today was a wonderful day full of those kinds of patients. Today we saw 142 people and of the 142 there were 35 over the age of 70. And there was one 93 year old.

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