Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wheelchair Giveaway in Nacaome, Valle, Honduras

Today was a day when the depth of my Christianity was put to test. If you have not read the BLOG from November 14th, 2008 you will need to read it in order to get the full impact of this story.

The Bible says to "bless those that persecute you and pray for those whom despitefully use you" and today I had a chance to do just that. In my BLOG on November 14th, I spoke about a corrupt congressman who filed FALSE charges against Jose Benavides and I in an attempt to gain a political advantage over Jose in the election.

Today, this corrupt congressman's "Tia" (aunt) showed up at one of the wheelchair brigades in need of a wheelchair. We scheduled Church of Christ in Nacaome with Pastor Santos Ramirez. Today was the day! When I arrived, there were several people already waiting outside for the event. As I started reading the paperwork and looking over the people's applications, I noticed that one of the possible recipients was Diputado Eleazer Juarez's family member. I asked her if she knew him and she responded that she was his aunt.

It was one of those times when idignation rose up inside of me and I wanted to say something like, "Why don't you have him donate you a chair? He is a man with power and position!" I fumed for a while and thought of all the chairs he had given away a few months prior (which came from the First Lady's stash and then I thought "I wonder why he didn't take care of his own family?" And then I thought, "I ought to call that rascal and give him a piece of my mind." I am sure all of those fleeting thoughts crossed my mind in just a matter of seconds and then I thought "Revenge!!!!" And then I thought, "Bless them that persecute you, pray for them which despitefully use you." Needless to say, this poor lady is probably a sweet person, affected by diabetes and probably doesn't have a clue how her nephew has tried to hurt me. SMART Teams and COVA performed cataract surgery on her sister who also has an amputated leg and diabetes just a few short months ago and we have scheduled cataract surgery on yet a third aunt of the same infamous Diputado, who by the way is also a doctor and has access to all kinds of healthcare benefits due to the position he holds.

Now would someone who is a statistics major please give me the statistical possibilities of this: I am in Honduras working with people whom I do not know and in three different medical brigades in three different towns, Playa Grande (an eye brigade), Nacaome (a wheelchair brigade) and San Lorenzo (an eye brigade), and three different patients all the "tias" of a man who filed false charges against me show up at those three different places and need my help. And then to add to that what are the chances that I would be in the process of publishing a book on "False Accusations" at the same time that the congressman decided to falsely accuse me?

Today we were able to give away another 7 wheelchairs which were donated by Free Wheelchair Mission. And today I was able to be a blessing to a family member of someone who had falsely accused me and and maligned my name.


  1. I don't know why my grandpa is in here by, I read a article and they mention if donate few wheelchair I never heard my mom say he had a wheelchair I invetigate son about if this is real or they use the people to collect some materials for help the people we needed but I never knowed my grandpa had a wheelchair. by Edas

  2. Blog Spot followers: Edas didn't leave a way to contact her. No email, no telephone number... nothing... I tend to think that she is a friend of the congressman mentioned in the above article. The males who received wheelchairs on this date were: Ermenio Villalobo Gutierrez, Manuel Antonio Mendoza Bonilla, Valentino Osegara Gonzales and Ceasar Omar Godinez Molina. I keep excellent records and keep copies of all paperwork for each and every wheelchair given away.

    Dear Edas, I read with interest your comment... These wheelchairs were given away on March 1, 2009 that was over a year and a half ago. It seems interesting that you would not know after all that time that your grandfather has a wheelchair. I have names, thank you notes, copies of identity cards and doctor's prescription forms for each and every wheelchair which we give away. So please check with your mother, about your grandfather and then you may update this comment. To date, NO Honduran has ever given money to either the ministry or I to help with the wheelchairs which we giveaway. A Honduran doctor has given us warehouse space to store wheelchairs when they arrive from the USA and several Honduran friends have helped us move them in their cars and trucks. We ask for permission from the wheelchair recipients to place their photos on our Blog. I am sure you will find that your grandfather which you have not seen in 1 1/2 years now has a wheelchair. Maybe you need to go visit him.

  3. Dear Ms. Searcy
    I want to apologize for the message. I talk to my family often but no one told me that my grandfather was in need of a wheelchair. I am sure that you can understand my concern, I in fact do not live in Honduras and during this time it is difficult to visit. Even though I am away I want to make sure that no one is taking advantage of my family. I in fact talked to my mother who confirmed that he was in fact in a wheelchair given by you for free. I do want to thank you for the gift and I hope you can accept my apology.
    Concerned grandson,

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