Friday, March 20, 2009

The Trip Back From Kansas To Tegucigalpa

What a week! I packed furniture, loaded and loaded some more. But finally I got everything moved. In 1994 the Lord spoke to me that Mike and I that we would be moving to Honduras a missionaries and we both believed Him. That same year we purchased a not so beautiful farm in Valle de Angeles and started construction on a small house.

Later we continued to purchase more and more land until finally we had purchased seven parcels equaling about 21 acres. Mike never had much of a vision for that specific land; he always said it was “A double black diamond ski slope without the snow.” But nevertheless, we began to invest in the land. I invested time and energy and he invested money. We built a shed for the animals, we built a huge warehouse and we continued to build and make improvements.

Now, 15 years later, the farm is beautiful, carefully planted with hundreds of fruit trees, anoni, nanci, guava, almond, cashew, Japanese plums, mandarin oranges, lemons, grapefruit, several varieties of oranges and of course bananas of 5 different varieties.

Over the years I brought seeds and planted perennials and bulbs and planted iris, always planning for the “move”. Many of the wood fences have been carefully replaced with PVC white 4” posts and little by little the farm has become more and more beautiful.

I never imagined at the time of the word from the Lord and the purchase how much effort it would be to get prepared to move from one country to another and to actually make the move.

Hundreds of hospital gowns were donated (they will be given to the hospital in Choluteca upon arrival) and they were used to cover the wood legs and sides of each piece of furniture as it was meticulously wrapped for the long journey. More than 30 pillows were purchased and they were used to pack chairs one on another where they would not slip and slide and ruin the wood carving. These pillows also will be donated upon arrival in Honduras. I worked alongside my parents and several friends until 2:00 AM on Wednesday morning and then we were close enough to termination that I was able to take a shower and head to the airport. My intention was to get to Honduras on Wednesday, do the last minute running around which I always do before every medical team arrives and then rest and go to the airport on Thursday to meet the team. BUT ALAS it was not to be.

I arrived at the airport on time, mom drove while dad and I fell in and out of La La Land somewhere between exhaustion and sleep. Thanks MOM! When I arrived at the airport, for the first time in my life, dad was too fatigued to wait to make sure the flight left. I ate a bagel alone at the bagel stand and made small talk with some Mexicans waiting for their flights.

Finally I was on the plane and that is the last thing I remember until we landed in San Antonio. I remember waking up with a JOLT hearing the flight attendant say, “Prepare for landing in San Antonio.” I was sitting in the first seat and I looked at her and said, “Houston.” Then she repeated, “San Antonio.” “Oh my God,” I thought, “I got on the wrong plane!” I told her I was going to Houston, not San Antonio and she said, “I know, but Houston is fogged in and we have to sit here until the fog lifts.” Evidently while I was snoozing we circled Houston for an hour and then were diverted to San Antonio. We sat on the tarmac waiting for three hours and finally we flew to Houston, but we didn’t arrive before my flight to Tegucigalpa had already left and so I was stuck!

When I walked out of my gate and into the terminal, I thought I was on the off ramp after a Kansas City Chiefs Game. There were wall to wall people. Photo to the left. I have never seen an airport so full! People were one on top of the other stacked like cordwood.

I checked into the Marriot at the airport and slept. And I slept. And I slept some more! Finally I woke up around 9:00 PM ordered a huge salad from room service ate and slept some more. I woke up just in time to take a quick shower and race to my gate. Alas, just to wait and wait and wait some more. Houston was totally fogged in, AGAIN!

The doc coming for the trip was a new doc and now I was going to be late, but how late? I arrived finally in Tegucigalpa 26 hours after my intended arrival. Thank you Doctor Spitz for being so understanding!

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