Sunday, February 1, 2009

Where in the world is Caridad Honduras? Wheelchairs in the Town Square

Caridad, Honduras is one of those places no one ever goes unless they have a real reason to do so. After leaving Tegucigalpa and driving 2 hours on winding roads towards the El Salvador border, you finally arrive at the Goascoran turnoff. And no, you are not there yet. You turn on the dirt road drive 15 minutes to Goascoran and pass through it still on a dirt road and you pass through Aramicina, continuing on you finally arrive in Caridad approximately 2 hours after turning off onto the dirt road. Four hours after leaving Tegucigalpa, that is if the roads are not too washed out, at last you see beautiful quaint Caridad.

When we finally arrived in Caridad people showed up to help assemble the wheelchairs. We had an over abundance of people wanting to get involved in the show! Even the town drunk tried to help.

Young and old alike arrived. This was the most excitement Caridad had seen in a long time! Everyone got in the fun. People showed up for the entertainment by the droves. It was so great to see people helping people!

This young lady was NOT HAPPY! When her mom who had held her all of her life placed her in her new set of wheels. But within a few hours she was thrilled as she saw all the other children also were in the new wheelchairs.

This YOUNG lady was thrilled with her new wheelchair! She barely hobbled out of the car and the 20 feet across the park to where we were giving away the chairs.

Not happy and very shy, this young woman hides under a towel. When we started pushing her she screamed "Mas, Mas!" (more, more)The more we pushed the more she screamed. She loved her new chair within minutes. When they placed her in the back of the pickup she started screaming "No, no, silla, silla!" (no, no, chair, chair)

This is another one of our younger recipients. 90 something, she thinks!

Another "spring chicken", this lady kept repeating over and over, "Gracias, gracias" (Thank you, thank you)

This man lost the use of his legs after an accident. The doctors say he will never recover, but he is a very happy man, thrilled with his new chair. His friends and family carried him to the park.
This little old man was all smiles!

All in all we gave away 11 wheelchairs in Caridad. Thank you Free WheelChair Mission and thank you supporters who have sent money to help pay for gasoline!

Proverbs 21:21 He that followeth after righteousness and mercy findeth life, righteousness, and honour.

Those who have donated have found what it is to have a part of righteousness, life and honour. We are called to heal the sick! and to help our fellow man.

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