Sunday, February 8, 2009

Wheelchair Giveaway in San Francisco de Coray, Valle

Way out in the middle of nowhere about an hour off of the main road and through lots of dust and pot holes on a dirt "road" you finally end up in San Francisco de Coray. Many people tell me how dangerous it is to go there, but I find the people once you get there to be kind and gentle. The problem is the robberies which occur along the road. On Sunday morning we headed out early in order to arrive before the full sun and the 90 degree weather began to smother the small forgotten village of San Francisco de Coray, Valle, Honduras. Our goal to meet the needs of a forgotten group of people. I have always made it a point to go into the places where no one else will go. Other medical teams and the foreign aid always seem to go to the areas where it is easy to get to and easy to organize.
When we arrived there were a group of guys at the park, hanging out, thinking of having a soccer game. Well, some of them were asked to volunteer to help put the wheelchairs together and they did. Their plans for the day quickly changed.
Chepe and his cousin Esther quickly joined in to help with the wheelchair assembly.

The local country nurses both showed up to help. They had been contacted in advance to help round up the patients which needed wheelchairs.
No sooner was a wheelchair ready then it was full, the parents were not disorderly, but they quickly seated their children in the chairs as they became available.
After all of the children had received their wheelchairs, it was time for the one adult of the day. He had fractured his hip several years ago in an accident and had never recovered and was told that he never will recover. He waited patiently in line and received the final chair of the day.
This is the photo of all the beautiful people who received wheelchairs in San Francisco de Coray.
Chepe Benavides explains to all the parents and children that Free Wheelchair Mission and SMART Medical Teams made sure that they received their wheelchairs. He also told them to read the users manual furnished by USAID and explained that USAID paid for shipping to Honduras for the chairs.

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