Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day Was Busy And Rewarding This Year

While I was busy in Choluteca with a 12 person SMART Medical Team, a new children's ministry was beginning at the farm in Valle de Angeles. In 1994 when I felt that I was supposed to buy the farm, I knew that it would someday be used to bless others. Other than the fact that the fruit produced on the farm is shared with the poor, now we have another blessing, Children's Church has started at the farm.

Over a year ago, the Lord told me loan Tim and Yvonne the farm house to live in. They have been happy there and I am now happy to announce that they have started Children's Church at the farm on Saturdays. The first week 27 children attended and 10 of those received the Lord as their Savior.

There was a time of praise, worship a Bible story, a time of coloring and interaction.

At the same time in Choluteca, we had an eye team doing eye exams and ferreting out cataract patients for surgery later this month. In all the people from COVA saw 267 patients and did eye exams on each of them. Of the 267 patients 24 were diagnosed with cataracts. Of the 24 diagnosed with cataracts 20 were given surgery dates for the 24th of February.

Now about the medical mission in Choluteca. This team consisted of 12 people, 3 of which were surgeons. From February 12th through the 14th the team performed surgery on the following cases.
5 breast mass surgeries
2 buttock mass surgeries
10 inguinal hernias surgeries
8 stomach hernias surgeries
1 abscess drained
1 hernia hydrocil combo with hernia surgery
4 thyroid surgeries
1 forehead tumor surgery
3 lipoma surgeries
20 varicose veins surgeries

Aside from all of these surgeries, we had a wheelchair giveaway where we were able to bless 22 people with new wheelchairs donated by Free Wheelchair Mission. These are the photos from the wheelchair giveaway in Choluteca February 14th.

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