Sunday, November 23, 2008

Unreal! Jose has worked so hard, fought an uphill battle and now this!

Honduras is listed on Transparency as 126 of 180 countries that are listed. That means that there are 125 countries in the world less corrupt than Honduras and only 54 countries more corrupt than Honduras.

Today I saw what I believe is corruption! Jose is the coordinator for the Department of Valle for the Presidential Campaign for Miguel Nolasco. Jose also is running for Congress on the Liberal ticket with Miguel Nolasco's group.

As the coordinator, he in theory should be given the credentials for the polling booths for the Department of Valle. He has trained people to work at the polling booths and he has them ready to go.

Votes are counted by hand. Each presidential ticket receives 2 credentials for each polling table. So there is a Primary and a Suplente or secondary person at the table at all times. When one leaves to go to the bathroom or to stretch the other takes over the position. In theory, no one can fake votes, or miscount or add extras because there are 2 people from each group watching the table.

When Jose received the credentials for the polling the Presidential Candidate only gave him the Primary person at the table. He then told Jose that he had given ALL of the Suplente credentials to an ONG called Honduras Por La Transparencia.

In just the department of Valle that is 274 credentials. In the entire country this 9,940 credentials. Miguel Nolasco says that he has given those credentials to a Non Government Organization called Honduras Por La Transparencia, however, no one has heard of them.

I called the Tribunal Suprema Electoral and they don't know them.

I called Transparency International in Brussels, Belgium and they have never heard of the group.

I called the DEI and the group is not registered in Honduras, at least not with them.

What does this mean? It means that the credentials were sold, bartered or given away OR it means that someone contacted the presidential candidate and sold him on the fact that they are a real ONG with enough members to fill 9,940 spots at polling tables. He says it is a Christian organization, but no one in the church community has heard of them either.

What else does this mean? It means that Jose must be VERY, VERY CAREFUL on election day, not to lose the race because of corruption.

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