Saturday, November 8, 2008

All about Meriam continued

Yesterday I wrote a little in my blog about Meriam and her family. Today I want to include some photos of her house from the outside, where you can get a prospective of what I am speaking of.

The roof is a zinc roof, but has tile on top to keep the house from being so hot under the Honduran sun. The clothes line is the barbed wire fence outside.

Meriam walks 330 feet to get water from a water pipe at a neighbors home and she must pay 65 lempira a month for this privilege. That is almost a day of her husband's average daily wage.

Below is a photo of the well where Meriam gets water for her family. It is my understanding that water only arrives to this pipe 2 or 3 days per week.

Meriam's dream is to have water connected to her house where she doesn't have to walk so far. The connection costs 3500 lempira or $185 and neither she or her family can afford this cost which is equivalent to almost 2 months of her husband's wages.

Below you can see a snapshot of Meriam's kitchen. Behind Meriam's shoulder you can see her stove which is made from mud mixed with cement. Meriam cooks with wood. The families provision consists of fish, small crabs, rice, corn tortillas and beans when they can afford them.

Meriam goes to the nearest large town 3 times per year.

Meriam says she is the only person in the house who has shoes. The kids go to school without shoes and her shoes are dress shoes so she only uses them for special events.

If your heart is touched by Meriam's story and you want to help Meriam and her family, a check can be written to:
SMART Medical Teams
PO Box 444
Spring Hill, Kansas 66083

Meriam and 3 of her 4 children in the photo below.

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