Friday, November 14, 2008

More Corruption! Charges filed against me for "THREATENING TO KILL SOMEONE!"

Well this is one of those things that might be found in a novel, but never in real life.

Sometimes, I feel like one of the Bible prophets or like Joseph, that was always in trouble and because of no fault of his own. THIS TIME IS NO EXCEPTION. I am doing my work and helping Jose to win the election and I am falsely accused.

Wednesday November the 12th, I interviewed several people for the WORK FOR FOOD program and all in all had a VERY blessed day. That is until I arrived at Pastor Joel Garcia's house in San Lorenzo late in the day.

At exactly 6:29 PM my cell telephone rang and it was an unknown number. I answered it and was met with a male voice on the other end. He said, "I am the Criminal Prosecuting Attorney and I need to speak to Teresa See-are-see." I replied, "I am she." Then he told me that he wanted me to go to the prosecutor's office immediately because he had charges filed against Jose Benavides and I for "threatening to kill someone."

I asked the Fiscal (fiscal is the word for prosecutor) who had filed such crazy charges and he told me he wanted to see me face to face to talk with me and would not tell me over the telephone.

One thing that I have learned living in Honduras is that things are not always exactly like they appear to be. It was dark outside and I made a decision to tell the Prosecutor that I was not coming in to speak with him. I told him I would come in on Friday, with my attorney and not before. He tried to get me to come in alone without my attorney, "just to talk" and maybe this was "just a misunderstanding".

He repeatedly tried to get me to come in but to no avail and finally, when he realized that bullying me wouldn't help, he asked to speak to Jose. I passed the telephone to Jose and Jose agreed to go in to see the prosecutor the following day Thursday at 2:00 PM.

I got off the telephone, got over the shock, got mad, talked to several of my friends and formulated a plan. Then I sprung into action. One of the things which I did was call the police to ask if a report had been filed against Jose or I and I found out that NO report had been filed with the investigative police. Now I was really mad. The man had lied to me!

I called the prosecutor back and he didn't answer his telephone. Angry, I called another fiscal which I know in Tegucigalpa and she agreed to see if he "really" was a fiscal and then to call his office if he was and to talk to him and see what this was all about. She informed me that he was required by law to give me a written summons in order to force me to come in to talk with him. She also informed me that it was crazy for him to call me after 4:30 or 5:00 PM at the latest, because this was after working hours and NOT allowed except under certain circumstances and this didn't meet the criteria. She further stated that his office number stated that he was "out to dinner".

As soon as I hung up from her, the phone rang one time and it was the fiscal returning my telephone call, but he hung up so I had to return the call. I am assuming that he was using his personal telephone and didn't want to use his minutes to speak with me. Yet another clue that things weren't exactly as they were described.

As soon as he answered the telephone, I started grilling him for answers. The first thing I did was ask for his name, he hadn't given it to me in the first telephone call. He said his name is Felipe Osorto and I wrote that down, then I asked for the number of the Denuncia. A Denuncia is the paperwork that we from the USA might call a police report. He started dancing with me on the telephone, trying to keep from answering me, but several times, I repeated the same question and finally he began to tell me that there are several kinds of denuncias and this one was verbal and in order to avoid all of the paperwork, he was "as a courtesy" calling me in to speak with him.

When I found out that he didn't have a written denuncia, I was more than sure that he was involved in corruption and doing some illegal intimidating for a "friend." I told him that if I understood him correctly, he didn't have a written denuncia and he didn't have a case and he didn't have proof and he was trying to call me to come to his office without a written summons and he wanted me to come in after dark. Once again he tried to threaten me with the "trying to save the all the red tape and paperwork excuse" and "trying to keep this from becoming a problem for you" excuse, but I was not buying it. I gave him my address and told him to send me the SUMMONS.

I told him that my attorney told me that he MUST send me a written SUMMONS and that without a formal SUMMONS I would NOT come in to talk to him. I further told him that my attorney said that there was NO REASON that he couldn't tell me who had filed the report and if he was not willing to tell me, then she would call him to find out why he was not willing to tell me. So he told me, Señor Juárez filed the report.

Dr. Eleázar Alexander Juárez Saravia

Just so you know, the photo was taken off of the internet tonight. It was not a photo which I had taken! (SMILE)

By now, I was furious. It was obvious that this was a "political trick" and this fiscal was trying to intimidate Jose and I. Señor Juarez is really Dr. Eleázar Alexander Juárez Saravia, a political sleazebag (excuse me)who is running for congress again in the Department of Valle, Honduras. He has lied and been deceptive since the day that the campaign started and as a result has made me upset with him on several occasions, so much so that I banned him from coming to my medical teams.

One of the reasons I became upset with him, is that he showed up at my house with a girl "just a friend" on his arm and yet he has a wife and children at home. Then the following week, his wife said to me, "Did you have a good medical team with Eleázar last week?" I told her that I didn't have any kind of medical team with Eleázar and if he told her that I did, she better find out where he was, because he was not with me on a medical team. During the entire hour they were at my house, the 18 year old made eyes at him and touched his leg under the table. Furthermore he told me that the girl was from Amapala but she is really from Transito. He is a confirmed liar.

Another reason for which I do not like the man is that he tried to deceive me into using SMART medical teams to his political benefit. I held the teams in areas where he said that there was "severe need" and then I found out that he was advertising that "HE" was doing the medical teams. Three times I spoke to him about it and three times he lied and said that he would stop the radio advertising and finally I "lowered the boom" on him and told him not to EVER ANNOUNCE ONE OF MY TEAMS AGAIN or I would take legal action and use it to publicity to humiliate him.

Regressing back to last week the Blue Nationalist Party did a poll and in that poll, it showed that Jose "Cobra" Benavides is currently in the number two position as winner of the Red Liberal congressional race in Valle, Honduras. Dr. Eleázar Alexander Juárez Saravia is way below Jose in the polls and has a burr under his saddle about this fact.

For those of you who are not from Arkansas, a cockleburr is a sticker, when one is under a horse's saddle it is very irritating and will cause him to buck. The expression "burr under his saddle" means something that irritates someone enough that they will respond or get angry.

When I found out that it was Dr. Eleázar Alexander Juárez Saravia who filed the complaint, I told the fiscal that he was allowing a lying and corrupt politician to use him in his office as prosecutor and that I would have both of their hides for the attempt to intimidate me. I told him, "If I don't have a summons in writing at my door within the week, then I will file charges against you for corruption." And I further stated that "If Dr. Eleázar Alexander Juárez Saravia has placed false charges against me for threatening to kill him I will file a court case against him for defamation of character and I will win."

Now the fiscal has a problem, he has called me, he has told me the charges and he has told me who had filed them. He knows he has lied to me, because I know that there were NO charges filed, so now I have him running like a dog with his tail between his legs. But running is not enough I am now biting. I told him, "You have until Friday morning at which time I will arrive with my attorney and talk to you." I further told him, "You started this mess and I am going to see it through to a conclusion, I will not be bullied and I will not be falsely accused."

The problem is that Congressman Dr. Eleázar Alexander Juárez Saravia and his corrupt friend Fiscal Felipe Osorto both of Nacaome Valle have not thought their wicked plan all the way through to it's conclusion.

Later Wednesday night another police friend who had heard about the incident called me at 10:39 PM to tell me that Dr. Eleázar Alexander Juárez Saravia had just left the police station where he had filed a report which was pre-time dated to a time which was 2:00 PM, even though the report in truth had been done at 10:00 PM at night. He also told me that the report was logged into the Control Book and that the report before it was time stamped well after 2:00 PM, which is impossible if the report had been logged in correctly and legally. Furthermore, he told me that the report did not mention my name or Jose's name and he told me the name of the witness who is Dr. Eleázar Alexander Juárez Saravia's brother. (How convenient!) My police friend also told me that my telephone number was not in the report. Eleazer's brother is his witness. Also very convenient!

Thursday afternoon as promised Jose went to the Fiscal's office and the Fiscal Felipe Osorto was not there for his appointment with Jose. The fiscal was a NO SHOW!

Friday morning my attorney drove from Tegucigalpa to Nacaome to meet with the Fiscal and when we arrived at his office as agreed, the COWARD was not at his office and the people at the office stated that he was in court. We then went to the Police station to see the "police report" which had been filed after the fact. Later that day, we found out that he was not at court either.

My guess is that after speaking to me the Fiscal Felipe Osorto called Dr. Eleázar Alexander Juárez Saravia and told him that I was going to file a legal suit against him, if he mentioned my name and falsely accused me. Yet, to cover himself the Fiscal needed Eleazer to go in and make a report.

This tool is called a vise. It is used to squeeze something really hard and hold it in a position where it cannot move.

What these false accusers, in their infinite wisdom, had not counted on was the fact that I had called to see if a report had been filed against me or Jose Benavides. They had not counted on the fact that I have been really good to many policemen and have helped many family members of policemen with medical problems. They did not know that I have paid for funerals and weddings for policemen. They did not know that I was just a telephone call away from all the information I needed to know.

Now I have the Fiscal in a vise. He had to have a police report or his "goose was cooked." He knew by the way I talked to him that I was not kidding.

I also have the congressman in a vise. Dr. Eleázar Juárez knew that if he accused me, I would have court charges filed against him rapidly, but now he had his friend the Fiscal in trouble, because he thought they could bully me and threaten me and I would be scared.

The Fiscal needs a report, but the congressman needs to keep from getting sued. They have a double problem. If either one does what the other wants, the other is in trouble. Oh my, isn't it interesting how the truth always floats to the top and how darkness always runs away from light.

What is the answer to their problem? That answer is easy for liars, the answer is to lie some more and create a false report. And that they did. The congressman arrived at the police department after 9:00 PM. I have 5 witnesses to that fact. Most of which are policemen. Upon arrival he looked for the most vulnerable sucker he could find, a young and inexperienced police officer and he talked that officer into taking the report and falsifying the time of the report.

When my attorney and arrived at the police department, we found that there was NO report with my name on it. We also found that there was a report filed by Dr. Eleázar Alexander Juárez Saravia stating that he had been followed by a car and ..... Nowhere in the report was my name or Jose's name or any characteristics that pertain to us mentioned. The attorney and I placed the young policemen who took the report in the hot seat and he had several different answers to the same question.

I came it at 2:00 PM and that was my first report.
If that is true, then why was the report not here when the Fiscal from Tegucigalpa called at around 7:00 PM?
I just got mixed up because that was the time of the incident.
The report says the time of the incidents were 6:00 PM and 1:30 PM nothing says 2:00 PM.
I was somewhere else doing a report at that time so I couldn't have done it at that time.
But you told me that was your first report, so how could you have been doing another report if that was your first one?

At this point I am mad and my attorney tells me that she thinks I should file a denuncia against the Fiscal for corruption and abuse of authority. We start the report with another "more experienced officer" and as he writes the report the young officer continues...

It was about 4:00 in the afternoon when I took it.
Then I am sure that the report immediately before that report in the Control log will show that it was done before 4:00 PM correct?
I made a mistake when I wrote down the time, it was in the evening.
So now we have gone from it was the first report, to it was 2:00 in the 4:00 to it was evening. Were you paid to change the time on the report?
It was just an innocent mistake.
It was an innocent mistake that could cause me legal problems and you didn't think about that did you? You didn't care if you were hurting someone else did you? You didn't care about the truth did you? I think this may end up being a lesson for you if it doesn't end your career.

Telephone rings and it is another police officer who lives across the street and has gotten wind of what is going on and wants to talk to me. I dismiss myself go outside and he tells me what time the congressman was there making the report and tells me that he is more than happy to be a witness for me.

Meanwhile the young officer or his co-workers send someone out to see who I am talking with. They see the police officer talking to me.

I return to the office and report that I have another witness to the time that the congressman made the report.

As we are filing the report we realize that the copy of the report was never sent to the prosecutor. Oh my, how was he calling me for a meeting without a report in hand?

The following is what should have taken place:

  1. The report is made with the police.
  2. Detectives investigate and talk to witnesses.
  3. When they have their case airtight they send a copy along with their investigation to the prosecutor and he decides to investigate more if he thinks the case has merit.
  4. He sends out a written summons for me to appear.
  5. I appear and he makes a decision to prosecute or not.

What really happened:

  1. The lying congressman calls his friend the prosecutor.
  2. The prosecutor calls to intimidate me.
  3. I am not intimidated.
  4. The prosecutor is intimidated.
  5. The prosecutor calls the congressman to go and make a report.
  6. Sometime in the process the prosecutor decides that the report needs to be timed prior to his speaking with me, so they lie.
  7. They get the policeman to lie on the report so now there are three which have broken the law. The congressman for making false accusations, the fiscal for abusing his power, the policeman for falsifying a report.

By the end of the report, the young policeman's hands are shaking in the other room. I am sure his stomach is in a knot. I tell him he has until Monday to come clean with me or I am also filing charges against him in Internal Affairs. By now, the entire police station knows what has happened. We take our copy of the report and promise to give it to the Fiscal General in Tegucigalpa.

My questions are the following:

Dr. Eleázar Alexander Juárez Saravia was out to dinner on that same night in a resturant. I wonder if he was with the Fiscal? I wonder if the Fiscal was being paid with dinner for his telephone call to me?

How did the Fiscal get my name since it was not on the police report?

How did the Fiscal get my telephone number since it is a cellular telephone which is NOT listed under my name and is not in the Police Report?

Since the neither of my cars are similar to the cars listed in the report how did the Fiscal come to the conclusion that it was me who supposedly made a threat against Dr. Eleázar Alexander Juárez Saravia?

Is the Fiscal Felipe Osorto going to take the blame for all of this? Or is he going to crumble under the pressure and tell all on Dr. Eleázar Alexander Juárez Saravia?

How is it that the Police Report was dated and timed for after the telephone call from the Fiscal and yet the Fiscal told both me and the Fiscal from Tegucigalpa that there was no written report?

How is it that the Fiscal was calling me in to talk to me when the report had not been investigated by the DGIC (investigative police) and the report copy in fact had not yet even left the DGIC office to go to the Fiscal? Is the Fiscal telepathic?

There is never a dull moment in Honduras. I feel sometimes like I am going to laugh until I cry at the stupidity of the devil and his servants.

I am so glad that the Lord gave me a good brain to think with and a good heart to love with. I hope to finish my book on FALSE ACCUSATIONS soon.

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