Thursday, February 21, 2013

February 21, 2013 Mercedes Is Buried And I Am Sad

This is my friend Dra. Mercedes Gale Lemor de Argueta.
See that HUGE smile it was always on her face 
except when she was mad at me accusing me of 

Behind you see the Suyapa Church.  She was placed in an above ground tomb in front of the church.

Hundreds of people showed up at her wake and hundreds more at her funeral.
But there were those who could not attend and yet loved her and appreciated her.
Mercedes was not only a dentist but a humanitarian.  
She went into the prison with me to work on the 18th Street gang boys teeth.
Not many would have done that and in true Mercedes style she gave them a hard time for not brushing and flossing.
She literally fussed at them and not many people can fuss at 200 gang members and get away with it.  She was always so full of life in everything she did.  Even with cancer in  her lungs and brain, she worked up until the Wednesday the 13th before she passed away yesterday the 20th and fussed at every patient about "not flossing".

Her husband Rene center grey hair and her handsome son Fernando Rene with the red tie.
Mercedes' funeral was like everything in her life, full of class.
Goodbye my friend. Someday I will see you again and hug your neck!

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