Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February 19, 2013 A Paperwork Kind of Day

One of the things which I decided this year is that I am going to log more and more of my activities.  I am forgetting some great stories.  Every day is an adventure, so I am writing more and more of it down an blogging it.

This morning I woke up praying for my friend Mercedes and her family.
I remember going to sleep last night praying for her also.

Then I played secretary for my son for a legal document he needed first thing this morning.
Something about having the city go out and remeasure a property.

I sent my 84 year old dad a note a few days ago about a nasty guy that hacked his computer and sent me and several others an email.  It seems he has a computer virus in spite of his virus softwear.  I notified all of his friends where they would NOT open 2 infected emails which were sent out.  He is proactive, mad about it, but kinda clueless where computer stuff is concerned, so I needed to help him.  He seems OK now.

Then I stared working on my paperwork for the Non Government Organization status in Honduras.  What a pain in the posterior annex.  I hate paperwork!
And I think the thing which bothers me the most is that they never even look at it.
In the USA we fill it out on line, pay out $40 and are done with it.
Here it is this paper and that paper and you have to drop it off because there is no functioning 
Post Office and you have to make sure they sign that they receive it OR they say they don't and then you have the privilege of paying a late fee of $650 more or less.

I find myself praying for my friend Mercedes and her family, again.

Checking to see what money has been donated as of today... for the ministry.
I just set up this new donation page on Razoo and it has me so excited. 
I love getting surprise donations.
You can see it at http://www.razoo.com/story/Shechinah-Ministries
and we will not be mad at all if you accidentally or purposefully hit the donation button and donate.

I ate a bowl of cantaloupe for breakfast.  Then I logged into my http://www.myfitnesspal.com to log in my food for breakfast only to find that cantaloupe my be my new best friend at just 75 calories for 1 1/2 cups and only 5 carbs... This Fitness thing is another New Years resolution and I am doing well.  I am down 11 pounds in 4 weeks.  Can't tell it anywhere but in my face.  I wish I could tell it in a few other places... but I will not quit..

Prayed for my friend Mercedes and her family, again.
Then I called and talked to her mom, Dona Vickie, who instead of thinking of herself and all that she is going through began to thank me profusely for the lasagna, green salad and garlic bread which I fixed for their family yesterday.  I love Dona Vickie and Don Armando, they are like parents to me here in Honduras since mine are so far away.  She assured me that they have more than enough food at the house for tonight, but I began to think after I got off of the telephone that this might not be true.  She rattled off a list of things in the refrigerator but didn't mention any dessert.  So I made a Lemon Bundt cake for them.  It is on the counter waiting to be picked up and  delivered to their home.

Then I began working on my Blog Spot to post Dr. John's "blog" from a recent trip.  It is up and readable if you would like to see it.  http://teresasearcy.blogspot.com/ is the place to log on... but you already know that because you are already here and reading.  I posted it on Facebook for all of my friends to read and see.

Mom called and we talked for a while.  She and dad took the computer to the store to get rid of the virus, which I found yesterday.

Received two messages that people could not read the Dr. John Guest post... What did I do wrong?
Oh I didn't publish it.

Prayed again for my friend Mercedes and her family.

I called and am working with a criminal attorney for a kid who is in jail for killing his brother-in-law whom he hardly could have killed since he was recently released from the hospital and had a bag to catch urine hanging from his side and was walking with crutches and had finger implants done because he had severed all four fingers on his right hand in a motorcycle accident.  I am thinking, how can you pull a trigger holding a gun with 2 crutches and a urine bag hanging on your side with 4 severed fingers?  Tell me, does this even remotely make sense?  Oh well, this is Honduras and maybe by some miracle he did it, but why would a miracle happen to do something bad?  
Oh and did I mention he takes care of his old man father and gives money to 
his sister to pay for food for all of her kids?  
He has been in jail for 2 years now with no trial.  
Of course you guessed it they are poor.  
So I found an attorney who will supposedly help him and let him pay later.

I found myself praying for Mercedes and her family again.  

Took a look at my emails and found a note regarding paperwork for non-profits and decided to notify my friends with other Non Government Organizations to get their paperwork done.  More interruptions, but my time is not my own and it felt like the Lord wanted me to do that, so I did.

Also found that some translations were done for some of the people doing adoptions, so I forwarded them to them.  

Wrote a cover letter to the Honduran Consulate about a letter regarding the approval for an adoption for a couple who are adopting from Honduras.

Then I worked on the scheduling with the Hospital in Juticalpa for a OB-GYN surgery team in March.  I had to write letters to the Medical College for the two doctors' reciprocal licenses.  Spoke with the Director of the hospital, etc. Still more to do in this regard but I am one my way to having everything ready for this team.  I still need a couple of nurses to sign on.  Are there any takers?

Received a message from another missionary about registering her gun.  How to do it etc.  Answered that to the best of my knowledge.

Prayed for my friend Mercedes and her family.

Then I go on to work on paperwork for the DEI which is the Honduras version of the IRS.  They want to know where all the wheelchairs went.  Well, I did give them all away, but the paperwork is a real hassle.  4 or 5 pieces of paperwork for each chair.  But I will get it done and since I am looking up the cities where we did the giveaways and on what date for the URSAC year end report it all goes hand in hand.  

By now it was lunch time and Doctor Lizzeth Amaya a dentist friend and a mutual friend of Dr. Mercedes stopped by.  Yum, Fried Breaded Eggplant and Italian Sauce....  She and I are both great friends of Mercedes and we are praying in agreement together for her healing.  
Logged on and made a note of my eating, this news was not so good as this morning's news...
I ate 150 calories and 19 carbs, 7 grams of fat and 3 grams of protein, no wonder I like Italian food.   

Today I ordered paperwork on a child who was adopted and is now in her mid 20s and wants to find her birth mother.   You can find her story on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/JenySalgadoGodoy

Forwarding translated paperwork for my friends at Aaron's Mission Out Reach, AMOR, which means love, the Dakin family in Talanga.  They are doing the same paperwork which I am doing but theirs is already done and my friend Peggy Perdomo translated it for them.

Called and checked on the ministry's new farm to see if the land had been mowed. It has, at least around the houses and to the front road.  This is the new farm place donated for a children's home.  It has 2 houses, several out houses, 2 garages and 3 tilapia ponds.  Water has been moved from one pond to another, lots of tadpoles, lots of turtles and no fish.  It is looking cleaner!  Praise God, it needed to look cleaner.

I GOT MAIL from a new volunteer for SMART Medical teams. Sent him a quick note and think he will probably join us on some teams in the future.

Now I find myself sending out Thank You notes to donors.  I am doing it on the computer.  I know, I know, how tacky, but I am sending cute little cards.

I am hungry again... that is the problem with staying home and doing paperwork.  
How about some homemade nachos, but just a small plate of them... 
Logged in to make a note and to my chagrin I find that a small plate of nachos has OMG I am going to have to fast tomorrow!!!!!!  A small plate of nachos has 440 calories, 38 carbs, 32 grams of fat and 18 grams of protein.... I am now over my fat grams for the day... Bummer!  No ice cream tonight!  It is all my dad's fault!  He taught me to love sour cream!  I love it with baked potatoes, french fries, nachos, tacos, in fact I put sour cream in my cakes... Opps, my secret is out!   That is my secret ingredient. 
The Lemon Bundt Cake which was made today had sour cream in it...

It is now 6:00, I have been up for 12 hours, I am still in my jammies, I have not taken a bath, in fact I am still in bed and except for eating lunch with my dentist friend I have not seen anyone who is not family.  Yes, we ate lunch here at the house and I was in my jammies and stinky, like I said, "she is a good friend."  

While waiting for things to download and upload today, I have been looking at Pinterest off and on all day between jobs or maybe I should say simultaneously with my work.  I have discovered that I have been away from the USA for too long.   
I found some nifty things and even coveted one or two of them. 

This little darling is called a Ham Dogger, it makes hamburger meat into a hot dog shape...
WOW, I love it!


And then there is this great piece from a place called Straight Lines!


And then there was the Nice Underwear doormat... it made me smile... on a not so happy day...


But one of the things which I loved the most is a screen for the garden.

To me this is beautiful... I am drooling and then I found some more pretty garden things like this

Like this made from wine bottle bottoms and iron...

and this made from glass and thin steel around it...

And this...

And this one which is a little different but still beautiful...

My day is winding down, I am finally going to get up and do the other million things 
which I need to do around the house.

A lot of paperwork got done, but there is much more to do... I think tomorrow will be another day of paperwork and then perhaps I can get out for a few hours in the afternoon.  
Have I said that I hate paperwork?  I do, it seems it is a necessary evil.  
I wish it wasn't.
Thank you Lord for a productive day!

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