Thursday, September 16, 2010

September 16, 2010 Eye Brigade Zuniga Arriba, Moracoupi, Valle

All of these happy faces are some of the patients we were able to perform eye exams on today.  This rural village mustered up about 70 adults and a few hundred kids for today's Eye Brigade and Toy Giveaway.  The gasoline for today's trip was sponsored by Jack DeLoss Taylor Trust.  Zoe Clinic in Tegucigalpa sent their medical personnel to help us and Unite For Sight volunteers, visiting Honduras for a month, also helped. 

One of the blond headed volunteers from Unite For Sight checking to see if this lady can read with her new reading glasses.  Everyone loved the blond hair and blue eyes.

Victor Montoya helping a lady find just the right prescription.

Waiting in line for reading glasses and sun glasses.

Another, Unite For Sight, blond headed volunteer checks people's visual acuity.

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