Friday, August 27, 2010

August 27, 2010 A Trip To My Farm And A Return Trip With 100 Pounds Of Oranges And Lemons

This is just one of my many Mandarin Orange trees.  I am so excited that I am finally seeing lots of fruit.  Last year I froze a lot of Mandarin Orange fruit and I have used it through out the year.

These are palms I planted about 10 years ago.  They grow very slowly in the cool weather in Valle de Angeles.  Does anyone know what this kind of palms are called?

This is my passion fruit vine.  It is growing rapidly and taking over an entire wall.  I am patiently waiting for the fruit to be ripe.  As you can see there are still flowers on part of it, but hidden underneath is some fruit.

I have no idea what this orange vine is called. I saw it at the nursery and bought one and took it to the farm. I love the color!  Does anyone know the name of this plant?

This is one of my lemon trees, notice it is absolutely loaded with fruit.  Lemons here are green not yellow.  Are they limes?  According to the Hondurans, the answer is no.

I loaded feed sacks with fresh oranges and lemons... about 100# is a good guesstimate.  Tomorrow will be devoted to juicing all of them.  I am so thankful that I have a wonderful juicer which my mom and dad sent to me for Christmas a few years ago.  I cannot remember the last time I bought store bought juice, except for grape juice and cranberry juice.  Everything else, I juice at home.

Did I mention that I have grown avocado trees from seed?  I have two that are getting really large and I think next year I will have production.

Today was one of those days when I just wanted to goof off a little, so I spent the day at the farm.  The farm dog had pups, she sneaked out after digging a hole under the fence and she ran off and had a one night stand. But her lover didn't feed her so she returned home, PREGNANT!

I learned that a neighbor wants to trade my big bull for a small heifer...  Sometimes I think I have a stamp on my forehead which says "gullible".  Needless to say, I didn't make the trade.  I think I might just castrate the bull and then have him killed a few months later and fill my freezer.  The girls have names, Dona Vidalia and Socks.  I have never given the bull a name, so I can eat him...  For some reason I can't eat animals with a name.  I know I am weird... but I am happy!

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