Wednesday, March 17, 2010

DIRT IS DIRT CHEAP Compacted Earth Home In Santa Maria, Danli

I am so happy to have a new friend Jeannie Loving. She is a missionary here and I met her because of my poodle Esther’s internet romance. Esther, my poodle, became romantically involved with Skyler via internet and NO it was not an internet dating service. Jeannie has a friend who is also a missionary in Honduras and has a male poodle. Thus we met... DIVINE PROVIDENCE

Jeannie and I do some running around together when possible and one of our recent trips, we went to see the compacted dirt home she is building for a woman without a home. The home is supposedly much stronger than a regular adobe home and more resistant to earthquakes according to other literature I have read.

I am thinking of sending a couple of men and I to the Compacted Dirt Home building school, here in Honduras. Is anyone interested in sponsoring the men? The best I can tell it will cost about $75 per person to attend the school and then they can start building homes for others. The school is 3 days of intense work on a project to learn hands on and the $75 includes, food and lodging. I would like to send 4 men to learn. Dirt is dirt cheap! So this is an effective way to help the poor have homes. And in the process, the people who learn to make the homes have a new source of income making homes for others.

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