Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October 7 More Good News! 11 More Cataract Patients Receive Free Surgery And What Is This Bird?

Today 11 cataract patients received FREE surgery at COVA. These are patients which we identified over the last two months. Bad news came with the good news. :( Several of the patients were too scared to come to Tegucigalpa to receive their surgeries. The brave souls who did come returned home happily ready to tell their friends that all went well.

There have been a lot of bad news reports floating around Honduras regarding some Cuban doctors who are "volunteering" here in Honduras and evidently, if the Honduran grapevine is to be believed, several people have been blinded by "poorly executed surgeries".

One interesting concept in Honduras is that grapevine information is usually more reliable than newspaper reports. So when these people returned to their rural villages, HEALED, all of their friends will suddenly start calling asking for surgeries.

Now I need some help! Is there a bird watcher that knows the name of this bird? I love the tail. It ends then starts all over again. I saw about 20 of these birds on a country road on the way to Coray, Valle, Honduras.

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