Sunday, April 20, 2014

April 20, 2014 Fire At The Guimaca Orphanage Farm

The fire by night, this photo was taken by a neighbor looking up on the ridge beyond the houses.
The fire covered the entire property except for where the buildings are.  Keith and Vickie Crowder and all the kids helped fight the fire with the help of a few neighbors.  Keith is an experienced volunteer firefighter from Oklahoma, so he knew exactly what to do.

The next morning revealed about 300 fence posts burned and fences down everywhere,

We need someone or some people to help us repair the fence line.  Each post is a minimum of $10 each and there are about 300 posts ruined.  This is a $3,000 project and then there is the new barbed wire to buy.  We are thinking of using PVC 4" Tubes filled with concrete and a 1/2" rebar.  This would increase the life f the posts by years and years.  It would give us a pretty white fence and it would be indestructible.  Fire could theoretically melt the PVC but not the cement inside.  The cost if we go this route is more like $16 per post.

Here is an example of what those posts would look like.

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