Sunday, March 11, 2012

March 11, 2012 Every Once In A While I Need To Relax

Everyone needs to take time out to regroup and relax.  
My friend and teacher Bob Harrison teaches that when we take time off and relax it is kind of like pulling back a sling shot.  

That time which you pull back and pull away gives you much more force and energy to beat the giants. Look at the view from my favorite place to relax! This is the inside garden and the water fountain. When it rains, water flows down the water chain and into the pot. 

When it is cold and it sometimes is, there is an under roof chimney to warm up beside.
This is the perfect room to relax with friends new and old or to just spend time with God.

This is the view to the back porch area where there is a fire pit, an outside open air patio and seating for many.  Today I took time to relax with my friends Janet and her sister.  It was a nice pull back time.  It was a nice time to rest, reflect and get recharged.

The iron work is a necessity in Honduras.  It keeps the bad guys out.  But allows the noise of the birds chirping in.  The roof covers from the tropical rain and heat, but the nice breeze of the mountain air flows through.  Take time to pull back and relax and hear from the Lord.  You might be surprised what He has planned for you!

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