Thursday, February 17, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

I Love The Heros Who Help Me Be Able To Do What I Do!!! Thank You All!

Today I want to thank some of the people who make my job easier... These are in no certain order, they are all important!

This is my precious grand son, Michael Gonzalez... Mikey you light up my life!!!

My mom and dad... they keep me focused, keep my life on track and send me care packages....  I love you both!

Anne is the cook at the hotel where I take most of my teams... Thank you Anne for keeping the food clean and my people from getting sick...I love you!

This is Vilo Martinez.... yes, he is political... but he has a heart to help the poor... Vilo helps me move the wheelchairs around and deliver them to those in need...  Thank you Vilo, I love you!

Joshua helps me with all kinds of things and is especially effective in the ministry!  He is a born evangelist and I love you Joshua!

This is Pedro Barquero, a partner in prayer... When I need prayer support, I just pick up the telephone and I have an instant prayer warrior...  I know he looks strange here, but he is flying...

Jamileth Villeda, my friend, my prayer partner and my confidant... I love you girlfriend!!!

This is Will, he is a anesthetist,  at Hospital Del Sur in Choluteca... I am so thankful for he and all the rest of the anesthesia team at the hospital... They help me tirelessly with all my medical teams...  Thanks Will and all the others... I love you all!

This is my friend Erlinda and two of her children... She doggy sits when I am busy and can't let the dog out to potty, she helps me cook for my "kids" at the prison, she helps me out all the time sorting donated clothes that come in, bagging beans and donated cornmeal ...  Thanks Erlinda...  I love you!!!

This is my "boy kid"....  Jose Benavides.... I am thankful for him, he drives me around, keeps me on my toes with his constant pranks and jokes, prays for me, runs errands for me, does legal work for the ministry and for me... and drives me crazy!!!!  I love you Jose...

This is Mike Quinn, CRNA retired!  But not retired from helping the poor... Thank you Mike and all the other CRNAs who help with my medical teams...  I love you and all of those who donate their time and energy to help me help others!

Jim Mackey, he's my man... I will never forget the first trip Jim came on to Honduras, Juticalpa to be exact .... He was hooked immediately and I knew he would be a keeper...  Thank you Jim and all the other nurses who help me in the surgeries...  I love you all!!!!  You make my mission possible!

This is my grand daughter Christina, she gives me a reason to live... I love you baby girl!

Aunt Yvonne my special friend and cheerleader!  I love you!

My friend Renan, he has a passion to help the disabled!  We work together giving away a lot of wheelchairs...
Thanks Renan for all your help!

Genny Lainez an inspiration and a precious friend...  I love you Genny!

These are just a few of my special friends...  There are so many more... to many to name...  If you are not featured, don't dismay... I plan on living until I am 120 years old so there is plenty of time to feature you... Don't laugh grandma lived to be 106 and my life has been much easier than hers!

My pastors are not on here, neither of my girls, nor Sonia, my best friend, my mentor, my little brother ... many are not here so don't be worried that I don't love you or care about you...

I love you all!  Happy Valentines Day!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

February 10, 2011 Casa de Oracion Pinto Bean Giveaway

Occasionally I am blessed with a container load of food... This time it was my church which was blessed, but they allowed me to help find good hungry homes for some of the food.

There is a saying in Honduras that goes, "When the USA sneezes, Honduras gets a cold."  So when the USA went into the depression which they are in, Honduras went into a deeper depression.

There is a small church in a poor area of Tegucigalpa which I have the privileged of working with occasionally.  I know because of the dynamics of the area, they need food.

So when these beans came in, I called Dennis Gomez, on the left and asked him if they needed any beans to give to the poor.

He said that, "beans would be a huge blessing!"
 It took him several days to borrow a truck to take the beans to his church.

 Then leaders and volunteers from his church repackaged the beans into 5 pound bags for the community.
Here they are standing with 3 of the many bags which they received.

  It takes a lot of time and energy to repackage 400 pounds of beans.

The children lined up waiting for their beans.

You and I cannot imagine standing in line for hours for a sack of beans, but this sack of beans costs 1/2 a days wages and the people were thrilled to have them.