Thursday, February 10, 2011

February 10, 2011 Casa de Oracion Pinto Bean Giveaway

Occasionally I am blessed with a container load of food... This time it was my church which was blessed, but they allowed me to help find good hungry homes for some of the food.

There is a saying in Honduras that goes, "When the USA sneezes, Honduras gets a cold."  So when the USA went into the depression which they are in, Honduras went into a deeper depression.

There is a small church in a poor area of Tegucigalpa which I have the privileged of working with occasionally.  I know because of the dynamics of the area, they need food.

So when these beans came in, I called Dennis Gomez, on the left and asked him if they needed any beans to give to the poor.

He said that, "beans would be a huge blessing!"
 It took him several days to borrow a truck to take the beans to his church.

 Then leaders and volunteers from his church repackaged the beans into 5 pound bags for the community.
Here they are standing with 3 of the many bags which they received.

  It takes a lot of time and energy to repackage 400 pounds of beans.

The children lined up waiting for their beans.

You and I cannot imagine standing in line for hours for a sack of beans, but this sack of beans costs 1/2 a days wages and the people were thrilled to have them.

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