Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December 8, 2010 Food Giveaway At Casa De Oracion Tegucigalpa

Thanks to Dale and Gloria Leininger, Ernie and Robyn Breaux, Allen Canning and Jack DeLoss Taylor Trust, children at this church received canned goods to help their families.  All of the above helped and did their part to make this project happen.  Thank you!  This is an example how all of us working together can help many.

This church is located in a very poor area of Tegucigalpa and has been built as the result of years of sacrifice. Many of the homes in this neighborhood are wooden shacks.  Most of the children are malnourished.  Thankfully this feeding program gives them a daily meal.

In charge of a children's feeding program is a young man named Denis Alberto Gomez. (shown above) I had read about his work and contacted him to see if he needed some canned food.  I was not sure how he would use it, but I was sure that he could use it.

The cans of food were bagged for easy carrying from the church to the children's homes.

Then he lined the children in the program up from shortest to the taller children and gave away cans of food to each.  
This giveaway represented many families.

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