Saturday, November 21, 2009

November 21, 2009 Amor Viviente Wheelchair Giveaway In Danli

Today was a very busy day. We drove to Danli, Honduras almost to the Nicaragua border and gave away 40 wheelchairs. Jack DeLoss Taylor Trust has been an incredible help to make these wheelchair giveaways possible. The donations they have made help pay for the long trips to out of the way little villages to give away wheelchairs to those who need them most. Free Wheelchair Mission has been so faithful to give us the chairs which we need to make life easier for our disabled Honduran friends.

It was a bit overwhelming trying to get 40 people into their wheelchairs and some of the people we so afraid that they weren't going to get one that they and their family members placed them in the wheelchairs before we called their names.

This is the final group photo... Unfortunately I didn't get the faces of all 40 who received the chairs, but individual photos are below.

Each patient has a different story but they all need a wheelchair and none of them had one.

It is these kinds of photos that capture the joy of the wheelchair recipients. Each has their own story but you can clearly see the happiness on their faces when they realize that they get to keep the wheelchair.

We later moved the foot stool further up... but she was so excited to get into her new wheelchair that she was screaming, so we had to get her into it quickly.

Her first ride around the church and she is thrilled...

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