Thursday, May 28, 2009

Earthquake In Honduras and Welcome to Mike

This morning at 2-ish in the morning, Honduras was hit with a 7.1 earthquake! Several hours later, there was an aftershock. I just received a call from Jose (my "adopted" son) and all is well with everything which the Lord has given me to possess.

This photo is by MSNBC and I found it on the web this morning. This is one of the major bridges in Honduras.

The "bodega" (warehouse) at the farm is perfect, no damage. All the retaining walls at the farm are fine. A very special missionary who lives in the farm house, says that there was no damage to the farm house, but he, his wife and their young son did run outside at 2:00 in the morning in their pajamas. Jorge the farm worker almost fell, running out of the adobe house on the farm where he lives, but there was no damage of any kind to anything at the farm.

Meanwhile, Jose and Esther (the poodle) ran outside because the apartment was "shaking like crazy" in Tegucigalpa. Jose who is house/dog sitting while I am visiting Kansas, says Esther jumped on his bed and warned him, waking him from a deep sleep. Erlinda, my neighbor and friend, and her 3 teens were in the street also, visiting with Jose in the wee hours of the morning. So much excitement and I missed it!

Many years ago in the Philippines I awoke in the midst of a earthquake for the first time, it was an interesting experience. Several years later at a birthday party for my, then soon to be, son-in-law Rene in the mountains of Guatemala, I experienced another quake. Then several years ago I was asleep in a hotel room in San Pedro Sula Honduras and once again experienced an earthquake. We have small tremors in Tegucigalpa every year or so, but nothing of this magnitude.

Also a huge WELCOME to Mike as one of our latest blog followers. I had no idea that he was so interested in what is going on in Honduras! Yesterday was proof positive that he follows, ever so closely, all that is happening in Honduras. He is even sharing the blessing of the Lord giving me a free move to Honduras with other people.

Last week a friend blessed me with many, many, many new roofing shingles. It may not seem like an interesting item of news, BUT I needed shingles and in fact was getting price quotes on them. Now I don't have to buy them!

By the way Wireless Internet is wonderful! You can be in airports, restaurants where ever and get on the Internet. Do we have this in Honduras? I don't know! I know we can get email on telephones for a fee, but this free stuff is great!

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