Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Paso Real Eye Brigade

This morning when we arrived at the school house in Paso Real, Nacaome, Valle, Honduras there were already several older patients waiting for us. It was a busy day and unfortunately I never had the time to take any photos, or even to use the restroom.

People buzzed in and out, had their eyes examined, chatted with neighbors and then left the same way they came, by foot. Not one single car showed up to bring people, not one single horse. 100% of the patients arrive on foot.

We were able to identify several new wheelchair needs and will be returning soon to take wheelchairs and to snap a few photos. I also identified many people with varicose veins and many more with hernias, one cleft lip and palate, a thyroid patient and several other medical needs.

The trip was very productive and we were able to attend to the needs of 54 patients.

The photo to the left is of a sunset in Guascoran, Valle a few short miles away. I shot this photo one evening as I was returning from a wheelchair giveaway.

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