Wednesday, May 7, 2008

May 7, 2008 Barrio, Buena Vista, San Lorenzo, Valle, Honduras

Today we had the medical team inside of a church inside of a church and no this is not a typo. We were in a church in Barrio Buena Vista in San Lorenzo, Valle, Honduras. The church has grown and the old adobe building is not large enough to hold the people anymore. They could not afford to buy more land, so they have built the new structure around the old structure.

They are waiting for the Lord to provide a new roof for the new structure and then they are going to tear down the old building which is adobe and pour the cement floor.

We saw 149 patients and found 13 that need cataract surgery and 2 that need ptygerium surgeries.

Pray that the Lord will send the money needed for a new roof for this small but thriving Assemblies of God Church. I think around $7,500.00 would pay for the new roof. That is for the church and the Sunday School building.

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