Monday, June 9, 2008

Crutches For A Young Man In Need

This young man was involved in an accident that drastically changed his life. His mother asked us to donate a pair of crutches to him (he only had one crutch) and we were able to do so. When we returned a week later, she was surprised and happy.
When we arrived at the mother's house, the son was watching the soccer game. So we went and tracked him down at the soccer field to give him his new crutches. He was thrilled, but the smile on mom's face told it all.
Sometimes when people donate things to us, there do not know how much the things that they donate are appreciated by those in need. If you have crutches, or boots from a broken leg, slings from a broken arm etc. please do not throw these things away. They are badly needed here in Honduras.

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