Sunday, July 12, 2009

July 12 2009 Wheelchair Giveaway At Zion Tabernacle

Today at church I was able to give away two wheelchairs. It was a sad giveaway for me because there was a young girl who was shot in the head during cross fire between gangs. She was on her school bus riding home innocently sitting in her seat when gang members started shooting at each other across the street, her bus was between the two gangs and she was shot. She is recovering ever so slowly.

The other woman who received a chair has been an invalid since birth. Her mother brought her to church in order to have a chair gifted to her.

Both left very pleased with their new chairs.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

July 2 2009 More Wheelchairs Have Arrived In Honduras!

We just received our second container of wheelchairs from Free Wheelchair Mission. Another 550 disabled people will become mobile and able to move around! What a blessing! Thank you Free Wheelchair Mission and also a HUGE thank you to Dr. Catherine Taylor Foster and to her father's trust for the funds to move the wheelchairs from the port to the warehouse and from the warehouse to the donation site.

Thanks to Col. Bonilla and his troops for helping us unload the 612 boxes and 575 plastic chairs!

Even Jose COBRA got in on the action. It was 90 degrees the day we moved the boxes to the warehouse.