Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014 Another Wheelchair Given Away This Time In Danli

This little cutie is Marisol. The first picture shows her at the rehab center in Danli where she is coming for therapy. They are teaching her to stand up, and in the picture she has some heaters on her legs. 

She learned to use a wheelchair when she was at the Telethon. This is her first wheelchair. 

She was sooo excited. You couldn't slow her down. She put the brakes on and off and wheeled herself around. 

Up to now, her mother has carried her in a back-pack baby carrier.

This is the child, that when I met her, had some serious ulcers on her legs and feet from dragging herself around the dirt-floored house. She has no feeling in her legs and feet. Since then she has had her tendons operated to give her feet - and she is wearing her first shoes - and she is going to rehab to learn to stand and maybe walk.

Her life has changed radically.  

Jeannie Loving fellow Honduran missionary wrote these comments and delivered the wheelchair for me.

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