Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tim and Yvonne's Wedding and My First Wedding Cake!

I learned several things from this wedding cake!

* Start making flowers way in advance! I had over 200 work hours just in the flowers!

* The wire that is small enough to fit through small beads is not strong enough to hold a nice curve.

* Always have lots of ribbon on hand for what ever emergency!

* Like aways make double the flowers you think
you will need just in case the fondant doesn't like
the BUMPY roads.

* Don't count on the floor or the tables to be level. Take a level with you when baking a cake for a wedding!

* The higher you stack, the more evident the leaning tower!

* Take an iron or fold and pack your tableclothes yourself! My helper wadded up the peach cloth and there was nothing I could do about it at the last minute!

* Always have a standby helper just in case the one who promised gets a HEADACHE!

* What you see as a flaw, others never notice.!

* Lots of flowers cover the cracks in the fondant from the BUMPY roads.

* Fondant doesn't always crack where the cascades were meant to be, so be ready to improvise!

* Gumpaste doesn't care if it is humid, as long as it is already dry.

* Count your pillars, yourself! Don't let anyone else pack and count for you!

* Take a first aid kit for your cake. Include scissors, toothpicks, ribbon, damp papertowels, superglue, wooden wedges, the kitchen sink, etc.

* Too much dulce de leche mixed in the center filling makes the cake sink and bulge.

* The gum paste lace on the bottom layer keeps the cake from sagging.

* Attach the gumpaste lace with royal icing the day before the wedding where it is dried in place.

* The groom could care less about how the cake looks as long as it tastes good!

* Remember to clear your camera disk where you have enough memory for photos of the bride also!